Soil Polimax

SK 2101 - Double Component Polyurethane Sprayable Color Water Insulation Chemical

It is a polyurethane based, double component, self levelling, highly adhesive, flexible, spreadable and sprayable colored water insulation material.   



• It is used on all kinds of surfaces to protact and insulate against water and chemicals. 
• It is used for grouting fissures and in cold storage warehouses.   
• It can be used safely in areas like glass ceilings, sheet metal ceilings, side facades, grounds, gutters, wooden areas, boats, swimming pools.   
• It is suitable for use in potable water cisterns or water channels.   
• It is used in both indoor and outdoor areas of the ships.   
• It is used for water insulations of building foundations and concrete shears.   
• It is used for both vertical and horizontal applications.   
• It is used in wet areas, balconies and terraces.


• It is produced in Ral Catalogue colors. 
• Being resistant to alkalies and acids, it provides protection against corrosion.   
• It gathers no fungus or bacteria.   
• It causes no damage to health and environment.   
• It is resistant to UV.   
• It is elastic and it does not cause fissures in cases of building movements. 
• It is not affected by extreme hot and cold temperatures (-50 °C+150 °C ).
• It is resistant to friction and impacts.   
• It is able to cover the holes and fissures.   
• It dries rapidly and it is long lasting.   
• It gathers no moss and it is antimicrobial.   
• Thanks to its high adherence feature, it does not fall apart the spot on which it is applied.


5 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg are produced in sets.