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Soil Floor Primer

SK 5101 – Double Component Polyurethane Floor Primer

It is a polyurethane based floor preparation material that has two components.Used in the first step of floor covering or insulation applications in addition to serving as an adherence booster and floor improver, it is an infrustructure chemical that adheres very effectively and allows the subsequent layers to stick to the bottom layer.

It is used as the first layer on concrete, wooden, ceramic, marble and similar surfaces.

Being an adherence booster, it allows the covering or insulation materials that come over itself to have a better grip on the floor and reduce the material consumption

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Intensity: 1,00 ±0,05 kg/lt 
Mixture ratio:4:1 
Solid mass %40 ±2 
Mixture life:(+10 ˚C ) 60 minutes (+30 ˚C) 40 minutes 
Drying duration: 180 minutes 
Covering area:250-300 g/m2

It is produced as 5 Kg, 10 Kg ve 18 Kg sets