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Soil Poli Flex Floor

SK 3102 – Double Component Polyurethane Flexible Sports Floor Coating Chemical

It is a colorful, flexible sports flooring material used as a polyurethane based, two component, solvent free, self spreading multi layer or thin layer coating.

• It is used on floors that are intented to cover with a flexible structure. 
• It is used in fitness, sports centers, nurseries, schools and health centers where hygienic conditions matter.

• It creates a monolithic floor which does not require grouting.     
• It is hygienic and healthy.   
• It is easy to clean. 
• It can be cleaned with purifiers that comprise detergent and solvent.   
• It creates a semi lustrous surface.   
• It is resistant to corrosion and sliding.   
• It creates a dull, semi lustrous or shiny surface.

Color in: RAL catalogue colors
Intensity : 1,2 ±0,05  kg/lt 
Mixture ratio: 16:2 
Solid mass: %100 
Mixture life: (10 ˚C) 60 minutes (30 ˚C) 40 minutes
Waiting period between application layers for : (10 ˚C) 24 hours/20 ˚C  –  (+20 ˚C) 12 hours /20 ˚C
Opening to light traffic Full curing period: 48 hours /20 ˚C 7 day / 20 ˚C

It is produced as 10 kg and 18 kg sets.