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+90 264 229 46 47

About Us

Who are we?

We continue our journey to produce jelly water insulation chemicals, Polyurethane Water Insulation Chemicals, Polyurethane Floor Covering Chemicals, Water Insulation Filling Chemicals, Industrial Adhesive and Polyurethane Parquet Adhesive with great success, a journey which we had set out in 2011 with production and application of jelly injection and insulation chemicals. .

We offer our products that were developed with the assistance of our R&D team and academicians under the University – Industry cooperation with Sakarya University Technocity Adaptto, at the largest R&D facility of the industry, that we had built on a 1.200 m2 area

We continue our efforts to supply the innovative products that the Insulation and the Construction sector demands. We commercialize the products that were successfully tested to both domestic and international markets, contributing to our national economy. We represent our country in many international fairs towards the vision of being a global brand, and rapidly continue our efforts to increase our exports.

We aim to develop the best products of the sector with continuous R&D studies and latest technologies to have the leading position in our industry at the global scale, contributing to “Turkey” trade mark, and waive our flag proudly on international projects. 

We enjoy the pride and resposibility of deserving to be on the 14th rank among the most succesful producers in the Innoteam Contest that the Sabancı University and The Eastern Marmara Development Agency held, thanks to our continous innovation processes that are significantly enhanced by the contributions of all our employees and customers in the best possible way.

Our investments in the Construction Chemicals sector will continue at full pace.  We will continue at full pace to meet expectations of our customers at the highest level with our products that offer high quality and permanent solutions in the industry, and to make contributions to the economy, exportations and employment of our country..

We are continuing our investments in order to meet the expectation of our customers with our products that offer innovative, quality and lasting solutions in the construction sector and to contribute to the economy of our country and employment.