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Soil Poli Floor

SP 3101 – Double Component Polyurethane Floor Coating with Chemistry

It is a polyurethane based, double component, solvent free, self levelling, colored floor covering material that is used as a multi layer or thin layer firm floor covering.

• It is used in workplaces, repair shops, factories, parking areas, warehouses and garages that need medium scale chemical and mechanic resistance.   
• It is also used in poultry farms, slaughtering rooms of the butcheries and industrial kitchens where hygienic conditions matter.   
• It is used in food processing areas and warehouses.   
• It is used in light industry production zones.

• It forms a monolithic floor that does not require grouting.     
• It is hygienic and healthy.   
• It is easy to clean. 
• It can be cleaned with purifiers that comprise detergent and solvents.   
• It creates a semi lustrous surface.   
• It is resistant to corrosion and sliding.   
• It creates a dull, semi lustrous or shiny surface.

 It is produced as 10 kg and 18 kg sets.

 It is produced as 10 kg and 18 kg sets.