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Soil Flex DL

SSK 2103 – Double Component Polyurethane Based Dilatation Water Insulation Chemical

It is a solvent free, polyurethane based, elastic dilatation water insulation product with distinguished features, which is resistant to water and humidity.

•  It is used for all kinds of dilatations and large fissures,
•  In both vertical and horizontal applications.

• It is resistant to high temperatures and humidity, and it does not sustain any deformations between -50 ˚C and +150 ˚C
• Having a perfect structure elasticity, it does not cause any fissures, fractures and disintegrations.
• It is compatible with polyurethane primes

• All extraneous matters that prevent adherence such as dust, dirt, moulding oil, slag, dye, as well as remnants and wastes like cement, plasters, concrete that may be present on the surface must be removed.
• In order to increase adherence performance and eliminate the factors that reduce the adherence, 250-300 gr Soil Floor Prime may be applied per m2.
• Two components of the Soil Flex DL must be stirred with a mixer, until a homogenous mixture is obtained.
• An optional amount of the prepared mixture is poured into the dilatation hole .

It is produced as 5 Kg, 10 Kg ve 18 Kg sets

Intensity 1,30 ±0,02
Solid mass: %100
Mixture ratio: 16:2
Operation duration (min.): 60
Initial drying duration (hour): 5
Full drying duration (day): 7