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Soil Wood

SK 4102 – Double Component Polyurethane Adhesive for Parquets

It is a double component, polyurethane based, water and humidity resistant, solvent free adhesive for parquets, with distinguished features.

• It is used to stick the long, short or middle size parquets. 
• It is used to stick the prepackaged parquets and laminated coverings to the surfaces.   
• It is used in both indoors and outdoors.   
• It is used in both vertical and horizontal applications.

• Resistant to high temperatures and humidity no deformations between -50 ˚C ile +150 ˚C . 
• Having a perfect flexibility, it does not allow any driftings in mobile floors.     
• It is suitable for the floors wth underfloor heating.     
• It is compatible with Soil Prime.     
• It is easy to use and apply.     
• It will not cause any swelling

• Intensity: 1,52 ±0,02
• Solid mass:  %100 
• Mixture ratio :9:0,7
• Operation duraiton (min) :60
• Initial drying duration (hour) : 24
• Consumption (depending on the surface) :1 – 1,2 kg/m2

• All extraneous matters like dust, dirt, moulding oil, slags and dye that prevent the adherence, and all remnants and wastes like cement, plaster and concrete must be removed from the application surface.   
• All bottom surfaces that are unlikely to support themselves, like cracked or weak surfaces or moss remnants must be removed from the surface.     
• Two components of the Soil Wood must be mixed well with a low-speed mixer until a homogenous mixture is obtained.   
• The prepared mxture must be spread to the floor with a comb that has a suitable tooth structure

It is produced as 5 Kg, 7 Kg and 18 Kg sets.