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Soil Flex GEL

SK SK 1101 – Double Component Acrylic Gel Injection Chemical

Soil Flex GEL, is an injection chemical with a very low viscosity. Soil Flex Fast which is added before using the Soil Flex Gel ensures that the reaction is achieved in the desired time length.

• It is used for drying the soil in marshy areas before the construction to make the land ready to the construction,   
• For concrete fissures, 
• For cold grouting, 
• For segregations, 
• For dilatations,   
• For segment joints, 
• For high pressure water floods.• Beton çatlaklarında,
• Soğuk derzlerde,
• Segregasyonlarda,
• Dilatasyonlarda,
• Segment birleşim noktalarında,
• Yüksek basınçlı su baskınlarında kullanılır.

• Begin resistant to alkalies and acids, it provides protection against corrosion.   
• It causes no harm to health and environment.
• Since it has the same viscosity with water, it penetrates into all microfissures.
• Since its reaction duration can be fixed, its application is completed in the most efficient form.           
• As it can turn water into gel when it is mixed with water, it is the most efficient solution for high pressured water floods. 
• Having low viscosity and an adjustable reaction duration, dilatations are completely filled with the gel in dilatation aplications, and after the gelling, Soil flex Gel maintains its flexible structure. Therefore as no problems like fissures or fractures would happen, insulation is achieved perfectly.

It is produced in 20 lt and 30 lt.