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R&D Innovation

By contributing to the R&D and Innovation process together with its Employees, Business Partners and Customers, we contribute to our company, our industry and our country’s economy in terms of product, service and quality. We have produced new products with the innovation demands of our customers and after completing the tests, we have presented them to our economy by commercializing them.

In order to contribute to the R&D and innovation processes, we add an added value to our innovation process by conducting joint studies with our valuable academics in all product development, research, improvement and testing stages, with the agreement we made with Adaptto, Sakarya University Technopolis.

We adopt our innovation process as the life style of our company. We contribute to our innovation process with our employees, business partners, customers and Sakarya University.

We see it as a social responsibility project to include our university students and recent graduates in the R&D and Innovation process of our company and to enable them to gain experience from our experienced team.

We continue our R&D and Innovation process in many target products in our sector, with the largest R&D center in the sector, with the R&D investment we have made in an area of 1,200 square meters. Our goal is to make our company a World Brand by rapidly continuing our R&D investments.

As a result of all these efforts, we are proud to be ranked 14th among 8,300 Manufacturers in the innovation competition organized by Sabancı University and the East Marmara Development Agency.